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Maybury maps 2010
When I fly I always request a window seat. Looking down at the earth from 35,000ft changes the way I feel about the world. My day-to-day sense of scale is dramatically altered and I feel enriched by the experience. Maybury is an area I was commissioned to work in. I wanted to imagine I was up in the clouds and able to zoom in on the people who live and work there.   My residency was a collaboration between a number of groups in the Maybury area. These included Woking Scrabble Group, Maybury Estate Coffee Club, Woking Fuschia Club, Woking Astrology Group and pupils from Maybury Infant School. Using a macro lens, participants were invited to have their palm photographed, creating intimate personal landscapes.

Funded and Commissioned by Woking Borough Council.
The resulting work can be viewed online at: www.mayburymaps.co.uk
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