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‘Lift Up Together’ is a support group that provides a social drop in for anyone feeling down, alone, or simply wanting company or something to do. Each meeting would begin with a few rounds of bingo. “This is for one line, one line only” would signal the start of a new session.

I collected the filled in bingo slips each week, and realised how much these tickets revealed about the person who created them. I saw them as personal portraits of the people who attended the group, who enjoyed the togetherness of playing bingo.
  It was in this lively atmosphere that I worked with the group to take photographs, encouraging them to document themselves in unusual and surprising ways. The bingo portraits were collated into a limited edition book and were exhibited on the sides of buses travelling around Woking City Centre.

Thank you whistlers!

A Creative Communities Project, commissioned by Farnham Maltings. Funded by Woking Arts and
Arts Council England.
‘House’ bookbinding, Jessica Collier.
  m: 07719 042325 · e: info@janetkaplatun.com