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Nine lives
Artist in residence
For eighteen months I undertook a Scottish Arts Council residency for Project Ability, an arts organisation working closely with people with autism. I researched how young people with autism approach and engage in the process of making art. The project culminated in the publication and exhibition ‘Spectrum’.   My residency provided me with time and space to create a body of work. ‘Nine Lives’ was made during my time in Glasgow. The work is an expression of mortality through the experience of loss. It also explores the complex choices we continually make throughout our lives. The saucers were sourced from second hand shops found in different neighbourhoods around the city.

‘Spectrum’ published by A Shoal of Mackerel.
ISBN: 978-1-905640-14-0.

Publication funded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.
  m: 07719 042325 · e: info@janetkaplatun.com