Janetka Platun    
Handheld 01
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In collaboration with Rachel Hale ‘Handheld’ is a photographic project in three parts
Handheld: 1
A series of twenty images that explores the nature of what
it means to be human using the hand as a metaphor for how we live our lives. From the day we are born and slapped into existence to the day we die, never to be held again.

Handheld: 2
Examined the same theme inviting people we know
to participate and explore their own creativity.
  Handheld: 3
Handing the project over to people we didn’t know, handheld:3 took place at Hydebank Wood Women’s
Prison in Belfast. We invited a third collaborator, Caoimhe McAvinchey a theatre and performance practitioner. Together we delivered a series of workshops with participants exploring the theme of having time on their hands, as they are held in custody. The resulting photographs were collated into a book and are
permanently exhibited in the prison library.

Funded by the Prison Arts Foundation and Enkalon Foundation.
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