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Beneath the surface
Artist in residence
The Longmead Estate is located just outside Epsom.
High levels of anti social behaviour are well documented. My attempts to get to know the local community through conversations with residents, local historians, community leaders and youth workers would all take on a similarly depressingly tone; ‘there is nothing of any value here’. The estate was built on sewage works after the war and during my residency the old Epsom cluster of psychiatric hospitals was being demolished next to the estate.
  Armed with metals detectors I worked with residents in search of social treasure. We used the ‘finds’ as triggers to bring to the surface personal histories and narratives about the community that were of value. Objects that were found by young people were interpreted by elders, and vice versa, unifying different generations on the estate. The residency culminated in an installation of 192 objects, displayed like an archeological dig. Each object was cleaned and exhibited in it’s own archive box accompanied by the stories they had triggered. Coincidently the Staffordshire haul was discovered the week of the launch.

The installation went on to tour the local area
You can download a copy of the booklet here.
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Commissioned by Farnham Maltings.
Funded by Arts Council England.
  m: 07719 042325 · e: info@janetkaplatun.com