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10 Photos 2010
‘10 Photos’ emerged during a year long residency on the Lakeview Estate, Woking. The idea for the project took root when I was working with a group of women who live on the estate but originally came from Pakistan. One of them told me that she liked to imagine the mountains in her homeland when she felt sad. Her story set in motion a process of looking back through the participant’s personal journeys and photographing their chosen sites around the estate to which they felt a connection.   These histories coincide with the end of the iconic Polaroid camera with which all the original images were taken. As the publication went to print the last batches of Polaroid film reached their expiry date.

’10 Photos’ published by Maltings Press.
ISBN: 978-0-9554211-3-6

Commissioned by Farnham Maltings. A Creative Communities Project. Funded by Arts Council England
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