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Janetka Platun
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Janetka Platun graduated from Camberwell College of Art with a BA Honours in Fine Art. Her work creates a new vision from the overlooked, disregarded and forgotten aspects of a place. She looks for surprising ways to interpret the lives of people she encounters by making alternative archives, photographs and installations that offer unusual perspectives.

Her art starts from the premise that we can never know the whole truth about ourselves. That our phenomenological perspective and the world around us changes in time and according to our sociological context.

Working in disparate locations, with diverse communities, her art interventions attempt to challenge orthodox ideas. Her aim has been to create projects that pose questions about our existential and moral relationship to our surroundings.

Her interest in the juxtaposition between internal landscapes and external environments has influenced a series of artworks and installations created with people in prison throughout the UK and across Brazil.

Janetka’s work has allowed her to travel in pursuit of exciting and original art projects. During her career she has made eclectic site-specific installations at Brockwell Lido, an art deco outdoor swimming pool in London, created a laser installation in the birthplace of fibre optic communication and designed sails for a flotilla of yachts escorting the Olympic flame across the Thames.

Through conceiving and producing collaborative, multi-faceted projects Janetka’s work reflects the transformative power of art.

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